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tree1-5Dear friends, for any questions and additional information regarding tours  to Ecuador (Amazon, Andes, Coast, Galapagos) you can contact our English speaking tour specialist Alla Marks!

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We offer group tours, private tours from 1 day, car rent with a driver from $160 per day, tours by request at any time for every taste.

Even if you have only one day in Ecuador we will fill it with life, emotions and impressions!





Travel-HIT! Dear friends, here is a magnificent journey through the beautiful grounds of the computer game «Heroes» Tour Audience Choice Award. The gift from «BubuCoca» — a tour video and a bottle of pirate rum! The highlight of the travel is, like in the game, the «heroes» of our journey fall into a variety of the different places! After each move a group of our «heroes» visits the mysterious glaciers that are the biggest force in the world, the volcano «Cotopaxi, the charming Andean landscape with numerous waterfalls, the bright lush jungle, filled with aromas of flowers, fluttering butterflies and the sounds of the cicadas! On the last course of the journey «heroes» get on the unique island of the Galapagos archipelago full of fantastic dragons (iguanas) and giant tortoises.

Dates: open dates

Duration: 15 days (10 days mainland + 5 days Galapagos)

Location: Ecuador + Galapagos Islandsdsc09486

Fee: $ 1,650

Format: group travel

Team Leader: Konstantin Krylov 

Day 1. Meet all travelers at the new airport of Quito and ecuador1transfer to the hotel «La Casa Sol» located in the most prestigious neighborhood Mariscal. The hotel has its own ethnic characteristic and full of Andean identity. Accommodation, familiarity with the group program and gala dinner in the restaurant with Ecuadorian cuisine where you can meet and greet each other while tasting the best dishes of this wonderful country.

Day 2 Breakfast and a climb to the mountain on the Teleferiko , the highest elevation cable car in the world. Enjoy a magnificent view of the old city of Quito and snowy volcanoes from a height of 4000 meters. Then we will be evador2visiting the «Mitad del Mundo”, the center of the earth, where there is an opportunity to watch the amazing things that are possible only on the equator. We will see how water is flowing both counter-clockwise and clockwise down a drain in the opposite sides of the equator line at the distance of two meters, a balancing egg on the nail head and the tricks with your GPS if you have one. Later we will have lunch in the traditional sevicheria «Don Victor» and a tour to the historic part of Quito, which is reasonably called one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Free time in the evening.

Day 3 After breakfast we will go to the biosphere reserve «Cotopaxi», where we will visit one of the highest active volcano in the world which is 5900 m. This stunning natural day3reserve is a home for hundreds of species of birds, including hummingbirds, fascinating pine forests and a huge glacier. You can make a 40 minutes climb to the blue glacier that begins at an altitude of 4800 meters. This volcano will leave you in amazement! While enjoying Cotopaxi reserve we can taste the delicious and healthy coca tea. Later in the afternoon accommodation in old ethnic hacienda where we will spend the evening with dinner by the fireplace.

Day 4 Early in the morning after breakfast we will take a scenic road to Laguna Quilotoa hmqU5NGQwnk— the turquoise lake that is located in the crater of a huge volcano. Even the experienced travelers when seeing the lake freeze by its view. If the weather permits you can take a walk down to the lake. Later that day lunch and transfer to the resort spa town of Baños, called the city of «the eternal festivals» because of the endless carnivals and the warm atmosphere. In the evening we will take a ride to the observation deck with a stunning view of the night city. Accommodation in a cozy hotel with a garden and the hummingbirds.

Day 5 Breakfast at the hotel and visit of the Native Indian market, where you can try exotic fruits and fresh squeezed juices. Then cycling on a bicycle track to the valley of waterfalls — 25 km on an easy slope with a few walking trails to the most beautiful водопадcascades. The adventurous travelers can do zip lining, bungy jumping from the bridge or take a ride on tarabitah (special baskets over the canyon) along the way. Those travelers who do not ride a bike, can enjoy the ride from the car. Lunch at the Indian Comunidad where you can fish a trucha (mountain trout) in a pond. In the evening we will soak in the natural thermal baths where hot water comes from volcano Tungurahua and the cold one from a wonderful waterfall, located directly above the bath house.

Day 6. After breakfast, we are going for a trip on an open wooden bus for rafting on the river with categories 3-4 rapids. After dinner you will have free time, which can be spent day6just walking around the city. In Baños there are entertainments for all tastes including a Native Indian bazaar, where you can buy knitwear made of wool of llamas as well as the variety of ethnic souvenirs. You can visit a beautiful Catholic Cathedral, or hike on the hills that surround the town. The other options are a horseback riding, ride on an open jeep or quad bike, paragliding, getting a massage in a local spa or a chocolate bath. There are many ways to enjoy your time in Baños.

Day 7 After breakfast at the hotel we will take a ride to the Casa de Arbol — the highest Исабель11swing in the world, located at the altitude of 2600m. Here you can experience a breathtaking swinging with a view of the volcano Tungurahua and take pictures of the unique view. Next, we will be heading to the largest rainforest of the planet — the jungle of the Amazon basin. Accommodation in Native Indian Lodge Indichuri or Kotokocha. Then we will visit a tropical waterfall, where you can swim in a small lake. Lunch at the waterfall, except those travelers who took part in the ceremony of ayahuasca (a spiritual ceremony under the guidance of a respected Shaman, for a long night spent in deep connection to a higher intelligence and an understanding of one’s true self). Before sunset we will visit the Mirador and will enjoy a sunset in the the Amazonia. Later we will have a Native Indian dinner with tilapia baked in banana leaves with yucca. The key moments of the night is a unique ayahuasca ceremony, which is conducted only by dedicated shamans. This evening and night will remain for many of you as an unforgettable experience of a spiritual connection between the nature and yourself.

Day 8 Transfer to Missahualli Reserve. On the way we will stop to have an exotic snack day8of fried beetle larvae (it’s optional). Accommodation in the Comunidad »Shiripuno» (Native Indian village). Lunch and canoeing on the Napo River to the village of Guarani Indian tribe, swimming in river Napo and getting familiar with the life of the Amazonian Indians who live among monkeys, alligators, parrots and hundreds of other species of animals and plants. Later we will participate in the ceremony of chocolate preparation (with wine), made from cocoa beans that grow on the banks of the river. In the evening, relax in the hammocks, listen to cicadas and have a warm conversation, where the best storytellers will be the participants of ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 9 In the morning we will visit Humandi caves with underground lake and waterfalls, that goes deep inland for several kilometers. You can even swim among the bizarre day9stalactites, stalagmites and other stone icicles. Further our path lies in Papallacta — a picturesque village with hot springs and a variety of swimming pools with crystal clear natural water. Relax for the rest of the day. Dinner and detailed instructions for independent travel to the Galapagos Islands.

Dear friends, for any questions and additional information regarding tours to Ecuador (Amazon, Andes, Coast, Galapagos) you can contact our English speaking tour specialist Alla Marks!

Contact info:

WhatsApp +1 480-290-1663

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